About Us

Dan & Marta HirschMany years ago, Dan and Marta began to feel a strong call to missions in Central/Eastern Europe.  At that time the exact location was unclear, but they began to prepare for this call, to “go to the nations”.  As they remained faithful where God had them serving and as they began seeking for clarity, God began to bring clarity on their future mission field destination.  It was Budapest!  They have been carrying this vision for a long time, and have longed to be with the people of Hungary.  They have described this feeling as being homesick for a place they have never been.

Dan and Marta were ordained and sent out to the mission field by Dayspring Church, a church within a larger network of churches called ICLC (International Christian Leadership Connections). On September 3, 2013 the journey to Budapest, Hungary began as the Hirsch family flew to walk out their calling and serve the people in Hungary.  They were filled with excitement and anticipation for God to bring change in the lives of people in Hungary.

Currently, they have started and currently pastor a new work, Életforrás Gyülekezet (LifeSpring Church). Életforrás seeks to serve the community in both practical and spiritual ways; through both direct outreach events and other community service efforts.

It is the desire of Dan and Marta to see people encounter the life-changing love of the Father – to experience His unending and unconditional love, and to come to understand the God-given purpose and destiny for their lives.

Dan was born and raised in the United States.  As a teenager, Dan’s life radically changed when he encountered God’s genuine love, the freedom that He freely gives, and the purpose for his life.  He became passionate in sharing this life-changing experience with others.  Shortly after salvation, Dan connected with what eventually became Dayspring Church.  Dan has served as a youth leader, a worship leader / worship pastor, outreach leader, and as co-leader in a worship/intercession ministry at Dayspring.  Dan has also co-written a supernatural lifestyle curriculum that has been used to help believers transition into living a supernatural life.  Dan has an undergraduate degree in Business Management and a masters degree in Computer Science.

marta_hirsch_portrait_small_profile_profileMarta was born to Hungarian parents in Timișoara, Romania.  The Nemeti family moved to America in 1986.  Overcoming all of the challenges of moving to a foreign country, she became a lover of America and all of the freedoms it provided in contrast of the communist country her family had fled. There, as a young girl at church camp, she experienced God in a powerful way. She knew from a young age that God had a call on her life to share His love with others. Marta continued serving the Lord, active in youth group, serving wherever there were opportunities. When she was a young adult, she began to attend Dayspring.  She served as a youth leader, the children’s pastor, a teacher in Sunday school, director over Sunday school, and helped organize a women’s event.  Marta has an undergraduate degree in teaching, a master’s degree in Reading Education and a masters in Discipleship Ministry.

Hirsch Family - 036-SMALLDan and Marta met at Dayspring in the Fall of 1997.  They were married in 1999 and over the next almost 16 years they have been blessed with five beautiful children. They began their family with Adrian who was born July 2000.  Adrian is creative and artistic.  He enjoys drawing, reading, and playing his electric guitar and ukulele. In May 2003, Simon joined our family.  He is like a scientist; always curious about the world around him.  He enjoys working on his blog and researching and learning about nature. The family continued to grow with Mason, who was born in October 2005.  He is a builder. With his tools, he loves to build and create things with wood.  After three boys, the family became more pink and sparkly with the addition of their first daughter, Lindsey, born August 2007.  She is all girl.  She loves all things pink, and enjoys dancing and singing.  The Hirsch family was made complete with the addition of yet another princess, Lauren, born February 2010.  She is fearless and adventurous.  She enjoys the balance of wrestling with her brothers, playing with babies, and dancing and singing. They are great blessings from God!